Reach for the Stars

The council would like to present its new initiative to showcase the district’s chapters who strive for the highest and reach for the stars! Each star represents a task that a chapter must complete to earn. At district convention, chapters who reach all five stars will be given an award and will be featured on the website for 1 year. All stars must be earned 2 weeks before convention.

The current stars and their guidelines are:

Star 1: Turn in all paperwork and dues in on time (Determined as of March 30th)

This will be determined by the council two weeks before district convention by using the Online Membership and Reporting System. If there are questions about certain paperwork, then individual chapters will be contacted.

Star 2: Complete 3 Musical Service events in the community (Due March 30th)

Once completed all 3 you must send an email to with the title “*Chapter Designation* – Service Event Star Completion” with a paragraph explaining what the event was, how many brothers were involved, and any other info you wish to include. Also a photo of the brothers at each event must be attached to the email.

Events that fit underneath this category:

  • Volunteering at a high school, middle school, or elementary band program
  • Playing at an assisted living home or at community events
  • Holiday caroling at local hospitals
  • Assisting at events for musical organization such as A Gift for Music, Bands of America
  • And many others!

Please contact Keith Pringle if you are unsure about an event!

Star 3: Complete each month’s initiative events (October, November, January, February, and March)

Each month we will announce a new initiative event to assure that everyone is checking their communication resources with time to complete the event.

The first month’s event (October) for example is for each chapter to submit at least one project that they have done that has benefited their respective school’s music program. These will go into a database and every week 1 will be selected to be featured on social media, for Showcase Sundays.

October’s Initiative: Submit at least one project which benefits your school’s music program.

November’s Initiative: Obtain 20 points in the Statewide-A-Thon.

This form is located at this link:

This also will be available even after October for submissions all year long!

Star 4: Submit 3 workshops or have 3 brotherhood events (Due March 30th)

For the 3 workshops, these can include any presentations or integrated discussions that are held with a chapter about topics such as service, leadership, musicianship, or other chapter operations. Once you have all 3 workshops completed please send an email entitled “*Chapter Designation* – Workshop Star Completed” and attach the presentations or detailed notes, and a when the workshop was held.

For the 3 brotherhood events, these can include any events that focus on building the bonds of brotherhood such as team-building or leadership activities, social events that focus on communication, or events that work on the relationships of brothers in a chapter. Once you have all 3 events completed please send an email entitled “*Chapter Designation* – Brotherhood Event Star Completed” and include an outline of the event, what values or lessons did you hope to get or what did you feel actually was gotten out of it, and include a photo or the date of the events that were held.

Star 5: Submit 5 events to the district calendar (Due March 30th)

How to Submit Events:

Please create a Google Calendar event with the title (*chapter designation* *name of event*) and include all important information such as parking, dress code, etc., and send an invite to

A downloadable version of these guidelines can be found here.